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What kind of jacket does denim skirt look good with?

Release time:2020-05-13 Source:Foshan Laisili Industry Co., Ltd

What kind of jacket does denim skirt look good with? For girls, denim skirt is a versatile and thin piece in summer. Like jeans, it can be matched with many tops. Let's take a look at how to match denim skirt in summer.

Denim skirt + T-shirt

Denim skirt and T-shirt are the most common basic wear, this A-shaped skirt is very thin, with a casual style full of T-shirt is particularly good-looking, this simple and generous printed T-shirt is also very fashionable, is a set of very suitable for shopping wear, recommended to the fairies who prefer to wear casual style.

Denim skirt + shirt

The matching of denim skirt and shirt is more professional. This suit is completely suitable for office workers, and it will not be informal due to the leisure of denim skirt. When matching shirts, we suggest that the length of denim skirt should be longer, which will look more appropriate.

Denim skirt + suspender

The matching of denim skirt and suspender is the standard holiday style. This kind of short suspender is sexy and lovely. In fact, it will have a very healthy aesthetic feeling when matching with denim skirt. Especially the girls who have developed the vest line, they should show it boldly in summer. This matching is just right for them.

Black high waist T-shirt + denim skirt

Black is a very versatile color, this black high waist T-shirt is simple and generous in style, and the design of high waist is very able to stretch the body proportion, so the overall look will be 5cm high.

Red sweater + denim skirt

Denim skirt with a red sweater is also very westernized, this set of collocation is very suitable for the warm and cold spring season, fashionable, personalized and westernized.

Denim shirt + denim skirt

Denim shirt has been introduced many times in the previous experience. It's very foreign, generous and versatile. It's also very personal to match a denim skirt of the same material.

Pink t-shirt + denim skirt

Pink T-shirt is a dress full of girl's heart. It's gentle, generous and very versatile. It's lovely and sweet to match with a denim skirt.

Pink Baby Collar Chiffon shirt + denim skirt

Chiffon clothes are indispensable in spring and summer. They are cool, comfortable and westernized. This pink chiffon shirt with baby collar is very young. It's also very fashionable to match with a denim skirt.

Navy white T-shirt + denim skirt

We should have many basic white T-shirts for every girl. This Navy style white T-shirt is more westernized. It's very westernized to match with a denim skirt.

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