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National sister's dress

Release time:2020-05-13 Source:Foshan Laisili Industry Co., Ltd

Zhang Zifeng is a little flower with a high degree of attention. At the same time, she is also considered to be a new generation of flower with excellent acting skills. She is also an old actress who made her debut. With her excellent performance in the disaster movie "Aftershock", she is well known by the public. Her petite body bursts out the energy of acting, which surprises the audience. When she grew up, her acting skills became more and more mature. Her excellent performance in the movie "take my brother away" made the audience follow her into the play. Not only did her superb acting make the audience like her, but also her beautiful appearance and pure and refined temperament became her advantages. Let's take a look at the fashion of temperament floret!

Zhang Zifeng's private clothes and clothes are very sunny. It has to be said that the longer Zhang Zifeng grows, the more beautiful he is. A lavender jacket and jeans look comfortable and full of youthful sunshine. In addition, her beautiful appearance and refined temperament make her look like a national sister.

Zhang Zifeng's private dress shows her beautiful young girl's appearance in the sunshine. People like her beautiful features very much. The longer she grows, the more beautiful she is. The lavender color also gives people a beautiful and elegant feeling. The jeans also look youthful and energetic. The elegant temperament she wears makes her look like a national sister.

The lavender jacket is casual and comfortable, and the red shirt inside is also very personalized. It gives a young and fashionable feeling in color. Jeans are also fashionable and casual. The little white shoes are all comfortable. Wearing and matching together with her beautiful appearance and neat short hair style make her radiate the vitality of sunshine and make people full of vitality.

The white bottomed shirt and high waist jeans show Zhang Zifeng's tall and slim figure. The design of the shirt is also young and beautiful, especially the through yarn design on the clothes, which adds a fashion sense to the simple shirt. Wearing the ball hair style with Zhang Zifeng makes her radiate the youth sunshine and vitality from inside to outside.

Black sweater with black casual pants is very comfortable, and white sneakers are just right. The yellow edge design of black sweater adds some pure and beautiful feeling to the clothes, avoiding the dullness of black color. A fisherman's hat with Zhang Zifeng shows her cool sunshine girl style!

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