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Collocation Aesthetics

Release time:2020-05-13 Source:Foshan Laisili Industry Co., Ltd

It's not a matter of one day and one night to improve one's vision or taste~

However, it's not difficult because it's just to match your own. If you can find a friend who can match your own, you can go to the street more often, and explain which type and color system are suitable while watching. It's faster to learn~

Another is to read more pictures of magazines and online stores. You need to know that different clothing designs can highlight the advantages of people with different bodies, or cover up the disadvantages of people with different bodies.

As long as you master these things roughly, you will be able to pick your own clothes and match them with your own.

If you don't have this kind of friends around you, you can refer to them in the online shop.

I think I usually read more fashion magazines. Or such entertainment. Pay more attention to the trend. It's not all that. Mainly depends on their own actual situation. Look at this thing. Everyone is different. Maybe people who think it's good don't like it. Don't think you're mismatched. How about losing face. Maybe. Collocation will be the next trend. The vision develops slowly.

Everyone's aesthetic is different. Some people are particularly good at fashion wear, while others are relatively weak in their sensitivity to fashion wear. In the final analysis, they still see too little!

The way for fashionistas to cultivate their own dressing taste is often to start from copy - according to the star shape in the magazine, the brand's product album, or the star's private clothes, there will be no mistakes!

In addition, walking into the brand women's clothing store, you can also learn several matching rules from their window display and complete set of matching display!

Leslie, mainly for urban female consumer groups, provides diversified, environmental protection, fast fashion women's wear products. Product style pure lady, fashion trend, Korean version leisure, intellectual maturity, to meet the shopping needs of different styles of women.

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