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Introduction to color matching

Release time:2020-05-13 Source:Foshan Laisili Industry Co., Ltd

Mm clothing color matching is divided into two categories, one is to coordinate color matching, the other is to contrast color matching. Contrast color matching can be divided into: 1. Strong color matching: it refers to two colors that are far away from each other, such as yellow and purple, red and turquoise. This kind of color matching is relatively strong.

In our daily life, we often see the matching of black, white and gray with other colors. Black, white and gray are colorless, so no matter which color they are matched with, there will be no big problem.

Generally speaking, if the same color is matched with white, it will appear bright; if it is matched with black, it will appear dark. Therefore, when matching clothing colors, you should first measure which part of the clothing you want to highlight. Don't match the cool colors, such as dark brown, dark purple and black, which will show the consequence of "color grabbing" with black, leaving the whole set of clothing without focus, and the overall performance of the clothing will also appear heavy, dark and colorless.

Black and yellow are the most eye-catching collocations of red and black. They are very grand, but they do not lose their charm. 2. Complementary color: it refers to the combination of two opposite colors, such as red and green, green and orange, black and white. Complementary color can form a sharp contrast, sometimes it will get better results. Black and white collocation is the classic coordination color collocation forever Among them, it can be divided into: 1. The principle of color matching of the same kind refers to two kinds of color matching with different shades, such as: blue with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with beige, dark red with light red, etc. the clothing matching of the same kind of color is soft and elegant.

The matching of pink series makes the whole person look soft. 2. Similar color matching: it refers to the matching of two close colors, such as red and orange red or purple red, yellow and grass green or orange yellow. Not everyone can wear green well. The matching of green and light yellow gives a very spring feeling, The whole feeling is very elegant, static ~ ~ the taste of ladies inadvertently reveals the color matching of professional women's wear.

The place where the professional women wear the professional women's clothes is the office. The low color can make the people in the work concentrate and deal with all kinds of problems peacefully and create a quiet atmosphere.

The environment of women's professional dress is mostly indoor and limited. People always want to get more private space. Wearing low purity color will increase the distance between people and reduce the sense of crowding. Colors with low purity are easier to coordinate with other colors, which makes people feel more harmonious and friendly, thus helping to form a pattern of cooperation.

In addition, we can use the characteristics of low purity color easy to match, and match the Limited clothing to a rich combination. At the same time, low purity gives people a sense of humility, tolerance and maturity. With this color language, professional women are more likely to be valued and trusted by others. ▲ the principle of white matching: white can be matched with any color, but it takes a lot of effort to match it cleverly.

White bottoms with striped light yellow tops are the best combination of soft colors; ivory pants at the bottom and lavender suits at the top with pure white shirts are a successful color matching, which can fully show your personality; ivory pants with light casual sweaters are also a successful combination; white pleated skirts with light pink sweaters give you a gentle and elegant look The feeling of. Red and white is a bold combination.

The upper body is wearing a white casual shirt and the lower body is wearing a red narrow skirt, which looks warm and unrestrained. In contrast, the heavier the white component, the softer it looks. ▲ blue matching principle: among all colors, blue clothing is the easiest to match with other colors.

Whether it's similar to black blue or dark blue, it's easy to match. Moreover, blue has the effect of tightening the body and is very attractive. Vivid blue with red makes people charming and beautiful, but we should pay attention to the appropriate proportion of blue and red. Similar to black blue suit coat, with white shirt, and tie bow tie, attend some formal occasions, it will make people appear mysterious and romantic.

The curve bright blue coat and the knee high blue skirt match, then with the white shirt, the white sock, the white shoe embellishment, can reveal one kind of lightsome charm breath. Wearing a blue coat and a blue vest on the upper body and a pinstriped grey trousers on the lower body, it presents a simple and elegant style.

Because the popular Pinstripe can soften the strong contrast between blue and gray, adding elegant temperament. Blue coat with grey pleated skirt is a slightly conservative combination, but this combination with wine colored shirt and plaid socks shows a kind of self personality and becomes bright. Blue and lavender cover match, give a person a kind of delicate feeling. Blue dress with white shirt is a very common dress.

If you can wear an elegant Lavender jacket, it will add some mature urban flavor. Wear Lavender sweater on the upper body and dark blue narrow skirt on the lower body. Even if there is no fancy design, it can also show mature charm in nature. ▲ Brown matching principle and white matching give people a pure feeling.

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