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Leslie | how to dress better in autumn and winter

Release time:2020-05-13 Source:Foshan Laisili Industry Co., Ltd

In recent years, it's unexpected to wear sports shoes in autumn and winter. This year, a pair of eye-catching sports shoes is still your magic weapon for street shooting. Let's take a look at the wearing of fashionable sports shoes!

It's OK to wear a long coat or a short coat on your upper body. Or how to say that sports shoes are easy to wear, no matter how the fabric style of pants is, they can be mixed, like straight tube pants or narrow leg pants, which can be worn at will. Even in autumn and winter, many people like white ones! The wide mom jeans also have a strong retro taste. You can also wear sneakers on one side and a short coat on the upper body to be smart and neat! The street photographers who like to wear Capris can wear sneakers with a pair of bright socks, which is also the key point of fashionable and refined collocation, and the details can reflect the fashionable point! Whether it's sneakers or canvas shoes, it's necessary. It's relaxing for your feet and comfortable for you!

But for fashion lovers, how can a pair of basic sneakers satisfy them? As far as the current trend is concerned, the sneakers with thick soles seem to be the most popular. However, this kind of sneakers is not the kind of silly big thick soles that everyone imagined. Different heightening designs can be rich! Today, Mr. shoes will take a good look at the most popular pairs of thick soled sneakers!

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