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Leslie takes three minutes to get her boots on for a few more years

Release time:2020-05-13 Source:Foshan Laisili Industry Co., Ltd

Boots are the most popular shoes in winter. Almost every girl has many pairs of winter boots. The styles and materials are different, but they are accompanied by warmth and beauty. It's very difficult to clean and maintain the boots. This article hopes to help you and your customers according to the skill paste of material care boots.

一、 Daily foundation maintenance

1 new boot maintenance

The newly purchased leather boots are quite long in the process of delivery and sales. When they are just off the production line, the maintenance has almost been consumed. Therefore, after purchasing the new boots, they should be thinly coated with a layer of shoe polish and put on for 1 day. In this way, the oil is added to the leather and a protective film is coated on the surface of the leather, which can effectively prevent scratches and dirt.

2 protection boot

The built-in shoring that comes with the boot when you first buy it back helps extend the life of the shoe. Solid wood last is an ideal tool to maintain the shape of shoes, because they can absorb moisture from the inside of boots and keep the original shape of leather. You can also put crumpled paper balls inside the boots to keep the shape of the shoes and reduce the risk of wrinkling.

3 rainy and snowy days

In rainy and snowy days, materials with rainproof and antifouling functions shall be selected, such as boots with weather resistant coating on the surface. If the shoes are not waterproof, the waterproof spray can be used. Waterproof spray is available on suede, leather, nylon and canvas. Pay attention to keep the upper clean and dry before use. When it is used, the distance is about 30cm and sprayed on the whole shoe body. When it is dry, it can have the waterproof and antifouling effect of 4 to 5 weeks.

4. Grinding mark treatment

If the boots leave traces of wear, they can be treated with baking soda. Use a damp soft cloth to pat gently in baking soda, and then use it to gently wipe the abrasion of boots. After the vamp is dried, it can be treated with conventional detergent or maintenance products.

5 remove oil stains

Corn starch is very effective to remove oil stains and stains: Sprinkle corn starch on the stains, place it overnight for treatment, after ensuring that the oil is completely absorbed, brush off corn starch with a brush, and then gently wipe it with a wet soft cloth dipped with neutral soap. Then use a clean cloth soaked in water to wash the surface, wait for it to air dry naturally, and use chalk.

2、 Cleaning of different materials

1 full grain leather boots

Full grain leather is also called front leather. It's easy to clean. It's enough to use a soft cloth. Wipe the surface of the boots gently with a dry cloth, then moisten them with warm water, and then wipe them with a dry cloth again. When drying, pay attention not to put it under the sun or near the heat source. The best way is natural drying. In addition, silicone spray and liquid polish can not be used on full grain leather.

2 suede boots and suede boots

Suede and Nubuck are very difficult to clean. Special multi-faceted brush is needed to handle this kind of boots. First remove the dirt on the surface with a rubber brush, and then brush the boots in the same direction. In addition, silica gel spray is also needed to protect the boots from dirt and moisture.

3 Oiled Leather Boots

The oiled leather boots should be wiped with dry cloth before cleaning as usual, and the cleaner needs to use specific articles for oiled leather. Special leather protectors are also important, helping to repair the boots and try to restore the original condition. If it's a wax leather boot, it doesn't need to use protective agent, because this kind of material is special, the darker the color, the more stylish the appearance will be.

4 lacquer leather boots

Wet soft cloth shall be used for cleaning the patent leather boots, and a small amount of mild soap water shall be dipped on the surface of the patent leather, which can be wiped gently with the cloth. Be careful not to use too much soap or it will damage the quality of boots. Silicone spray or cleaner is also very useful for cleaning such boots, and can be used interactively.

5 knitted fabric boots

Many people think that boots made of this kind of fabric can also be soaked and washed in water like coats, so you are wrong. Because it's easy to deform and fade shoes. When dealing with the boots made of this material, you can directly use the shoe milk or water-based brightener, but remember not to use the oil-based brightener, so as to prevent the coating with animal patterns from becoming brittle and hard.

6 Suede Boots

Several steps can be completed at home: find a small bottle with a nozzle, mix a little alcohol, if the vamp is black, add a drop of black ink, spray evenly on the vamp; If the vamp is particularly dirty, add a small cup of milk with a little detergent and white vinegar, brush it with a soft hair brush, and then clean it. When the vamp seems to be dry and not dry, dip some suede powder, and brush it gently on the vamp, the suede on the vamp will be clean and fluffy.

三、 Maintenance precautions

1. Do not bake or expose to the sun to avoid aging and embrittlement of leather surface.

2. Do not step on the heel hard when putting on / taking off shoes to avoid deformation.

3. If the White / light colored leather surface is stained, wipe it gently with white shoe cream.

4. If the zipper is not smooth, apply a little wax on the zipper to keep it smooth.

5. in order to prevent oxidation and rust on the surface of metal buttons, transparent nail polish can be applied for protection.

6. The replaced boots should be put in the ventilated place to dry in the shade, to prevent the sweat in the shoes from breeding bacteria and mildew.




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