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After reading these shoes, I will never worry about wearing them again!

Release time:2020-05-13 Source:Foshan Laisili Industry Co., Ltd

Then they began to talk about it. So what shoes are the most popular this year?

To be honest, there is no objective standard. Everything is a follow-up effect.

After all, no matter how many pairs of shoes you buy, it's just the difference between a flat bottom and a high heel.

Flat shoes, in fact, are not the same

In today's white shoes, most people will default that flat shoes are equal to white shoes, and white shoes are flat shoes.

It's not. There are many kinds of them, and they all look different

01 canvas small white shoes

What are the popular items that have been nominated?

Little white shoes will definitely be on the list, but is that really the case?

No, maybe it's just that you're tired of looking at the stereotype. The little white shoes are well matched, and you can control hundreds of styles.

In addition to the simple sense of daily wear, you can also wear street style and commuter style, so don't look down on canvas shoes.

You see, such as canvas shoes and wide leg pants, it's very fashionable and cool to wear them. Swag has it all at once.

02 leather white shoes

Leather white shoes, the public's first good feeling is not afraid of dirty!

In fact, the style is also very diverse, embroidery, logo style, and all wonderful.

This kind of small white shoes with a sense of design don't need to worry too much when they are put on. Many people will feel that they are not easy to wear because of the design.

If you want to save worry, just wear a suit according to the color, simple and refreshing.

03 dad shoes

Of course, it can't be separated from this pair of pop red shoes.

It seems that from judging ugliness to appreciating beauty, it is a matter of moments.

Like many people, when get is not in the shoes of a dad, it is thick and stupid in the crazy tucking shoes. After get, he can't make complaints about going out everyday.

A dress at will, it can make you fashionable 100 times.

If you want to have a little leisure, wear jeans or wide leg pants on your shirt, which is neat and fashionable.

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