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Talent concept

Release time:2020-05-12 Source:Foshan Laisili Industry Co., Ltd

Leslie company has always attached great importance to the cultivation and introduction of talents. Chairman Ruan Yonggang introduced that the main management personnel of the company are composed of three ways: one is "airborne soldiers", which is to hunt for talents who have served as middle and senior management in similar large companies, with rich management experience and good performance; such personnel are particularly easy to use. The second one is from the existing employees, through competitive assessment and allocation; this kind of talents have a good understanding of the company's management system and internal situation, and are handy at work. The third is to recruit fresh graduates, and then assign them to all departments, starting from the front line. The college students who just came out of the campus have simple ideas, such as a piece of white paper, good at painting, but they are full of energy, willing to learn and easy to accept new things After the training of the company, these talents are easy to identify and accept the values and management mode of the enterprise, and have high loyalty to the enterprise, strong team spirit and cooperation ability. Leslie company believes in the principle of employment: "as long as you are a talent, the company will not bury you, even if you are only a front-line employee at the bottom, as long as you have the ability to pass the assessment, you will also be promoted as a manager. At the same time, the company has a good training platform to provide employees with various trainings, so that employees can "recharge" from time to time, so that employees can form a good habit of learning, so that employees can make continuous progress and improvement. Making good use of talents is the foundation of Leslie company's continuous development and growth in recent years.


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